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Tax Application

This year Let's Go Mobile Tax Service is taking the stress out of filing your taxes.


Submit your Tax Application below.

*Leave Spouse information blank if filing Single.

Are you claimed as a Dependent on anyone's return?
Filing Status:

Dependent(s): Please list the Full Name, Date of Birth, SSN & Relationship of Dependent (Ex. Jane Doe, 07/01/2001, 123-45-6789, Daughter).

Did all your dependent children live with you more than 6 months during the year?
Has your return been audited in the last (3) years?
Did you contribute to an IRA?
Do you pay health insurance?
Are you self employed?
Do you want Audit Protection?
Do you owe any student loans, child support, or any government agency?
Upload Head of Household W-2:
Upload Additional Head of Household W-2:
Upload Spouse W-2:
(Ex. 1099, Expense Reports, Contributions, etc.):
Upload Additional Spouse W-2:
(Ex. 1099, Expense Reports, Contributions, etc.):
(Ex. 1099, Expense Reports, Contributions, etc.):
(Ex. 1099, Expense Reports, Contributions, etc.):
Please upload additional documents in a Zip file below.
Upload Zip File Here

Tax Application Agreement


By pressing "SUBMIT" below, I understand to the best of my knowledge this information is true and accurate. I have all receipts, log books and all other documentation that is required to support my claim. If I am audited for any fault of my own, by giving false information, I will not hold Lets Go Mobile Tax liable. I also understand that he I.R.S does random EIC audits and if chosen it is not because Lets Go Mobile Tax has made an error on my return and that my refund will be held until I provide Lets Go Mobile Tax with the information that is needed. I also understand that if my refund is approved within 12 to 24 hours, I should expect a refund within 10-21 days if I don’t owe any other prior debts with any other government agencies including child support and student loans. I also understand that before Lets Go Mobile Tax enters my information into the system and afterwards I choose not to have my taxes filed with Lets Go Mobile Tax, I am subject to pay a cancellation fee of $25 before I receive my tax documents if my return has not been transmitted. I also give Lets Go Mobile Tax permission to take their service fee out of my refund check so they can receive theirs service fee and I give them permission to endorse my name to the federal refund check. I also, acknowledge that I received a copy of the Privacy Disclosure Act and the Lets Go Mobile Tax warranty. If elected, I also give Lets Go Mobile Tax permission to deduct the Audit Protect fee, or any other additional services fees that may require deduction of fees.

Thanks for submitting!

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